General Construction Notes

This guide is intended to be a useful source of information for all builders of our kits.

  1. General Tools
  2. Bills Of Materials
  3. Component Specifications
  4. Printed Circuit Boards
  5. Component Preparation And Installation
  6. Panther Support Boards
  7. Component PCB Footprints (1)
  8. Component PCB Footprints (2)
  9. Component PCB Footprints (3)
  10. Component Datasheets
  11. Soldering Components
  12. Surface Mount Components
  13. Resistor Colour Codes
  14. General Notes - Problems
  15. 3D Models
  16. EuroSynth Specifications
  17. Module Power Connections
  18. Tailoring Potentiometers
  19. Checking IC Power
  20. Fault Finding Notes
  21. Panel Drilling Details
  22. 12V or 15V


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