General Construction Notes

Soldering Components


It is important that you have basic soldering skills. There are plenty of good videos on the internet and novices should look at these for guidance and, if necessary, experiment on building some small cheap kits before working on our kits.

Most modern-day components are designed to sustain a high temperature soldering phase for a few seconds without damage to the component. However some components are more temperature sensitive and so you should minimise the time taken when soldering these components.

A prime example are 'naked' axial polystyrene capacitors, having very thin wires and a soft body, heat is quickly transferred in to the body which, if exposed to heat for too long, can start to melt.

You should also take special care when soldering plastic bodied components such as jacks as too much heat can deform the body and casue the contacts to move and so affect the contact operation.




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