General Construction Notes

Component PCB Footprints (1)

The following tables show typical PCB footprints used on ELBY Design PCBs. They are 'typical' as there will always be varaints in some components eg electrolytic and tantalum capacitors come in a variety of body sizes and, occasionally different pitches, and this will result in small differences in the footprint

Capacitor - Ceramic
Radial 0.2N (narrow)
Capacitor - Polyester

Radial 0.2

Radial 0.2W (wide)

Capacitor - Electrolytic
Capacitor - Tantalum
Capacitor - Polystyrene
Capacitor - Polypropylene
Radial 0.2W (wide)
Capacitor - Bi-Polar
Diode - Signal, Zener
Diode - Power
Resistor - Metal Film
Resistor - Network
Single Inline Package (SIP) with x-pins on a 0.1" pitch
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