General Construction Notes

Module Power Connections

It is imperative that a module is connector to the power system correctly to prevent damage to the module and/or power supply.

EuroSynth modules used boxed headers along with electrically and mechanically correct power cables, throughout the system which eliminates the possibility of connectors being misaligned or reversed.

As per the EuroSynth specification Pin 1 = -12V. On IDC cables, pin 1 is also identified by a red stripe.

A mechanically and electrically correct IDC cable

IDC Socket

IDC Header

There is a marker on the IDC socket (usually a TRIANGLE) at the pin 1 position
There is a similar marker on the IDC header pointing to pin 1
The IDC socket has a polarising bump on the same side as pin 1
The IDC header has a mating polarising notch on the same side as pin 1




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