General Construction Notes

EuroSynth Specification

The EuroSynth Specification is for a Professional Grade 3U Modular system and sets out to define a range of specifications that, when adopted by a manufacturer, will provide an unparalleled level of conformity across a modular system or systems.

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As some of these specifications impact on the current designs of most modules, implementation of some of these specifications may require time to filter through to production level.

Specifically this relates to the adoption of a separate CHASSIS GROUND from the existing 0V rail to allow proper grounding and isolation methods to be employed.

In addition, the EuroSynth Specification has removed the CV, GATE and +5V signals from the power connector and will be using a 10-pin IDC boxed header at both the module and busboard ends. With regards the module end, the IDC-10 header will be implemented immediately and will have no impact on existing modules including those from other manufacturers and who already use a 10-pin connector.

For modules using a 16-pin connector but not requiring +5V, CV or GATE, all is required is that they start fitting a 10-pin IDC on to the existing footprint.

During the transition period with modules, we will now be supplying 10-pin IDC headers in place of the original specified 16-pin Header. When mounting 10-pin headers on to the 16-pin footprint, simply install with pin 1 of the 10-pin header aligning with pin 1 of the 16-pin header footprint.

Busboards will continue to be supplied with 16-pin headers for the short-term future and will so require a 16-10 pin cable for module power.

In the future, modules requiring access to the CV/GATE will need a special cable to access a dedicated 'DATA BUS' which is yet to be defined. Modules requiring access to the external 5V rail will need to use an inline adaptor which will generate +5V from the +12V rail.

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