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IF101 - 2Q/4Q Multiplier
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The IF101 is an analog multipler that can be switched between two-quadrant and four-quadrant operation and so can function as a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) or as a ring modulator (RM).

Operation is the same as for any other VCA and RM modules.As a standard VCA, audio goes in to the [X IN] input and control voltage goes in to the [Y IN] input. The [BIAS] control can give the VCA an "initial gain", useful for AM applications such as tremolo etc.

As a RM, the "carrier" goes in to the [Y IN] input, and may be mixed into the output with the [BIAS] control. At full bias, the output is just the carrier signal with no modulation.


Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @

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