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The Panther Series of 3U EuroRack Based
Analogue Synthesiser Modules and Kits


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Jack Board
Panther Support Jack-Switch Board
Pot Board
Panther Support Pot-Jack-Switch Board
IDC16 Cables
16-pin to 16-pin IDC Cables in a variety of lengths
IDC16-10 Cables
16-pin to 10-pin IDC Cables in a variety of lengths
1HP, 2HP, 4HP, 6HP, 8HP and 10HP Blank Panels
1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10HP/0mm

Module Depths

Most of our modules are now designed to our 'shallow format' which is less than 60mm.

This depth is maintained by using our Panther Support Boards which house all of the panel components and has a fixed depth of 38mm.
The main circuitry is then, typically, housed on a board that sits parallel to the front panel and connects all the Panther Support boards together and determines the final module depth of 50mm.

The actual installed depth is slightly greater to allow for the module power cable.

Inevitably, a design either has a too narrow front panel and/or involves to much circuitry to fit within the boundaries of the front panel width and the 50mm module depth. In general, most of the modules that fall in to this category are still less than 80mm including the module power cable.

A few older designs are, currently, in excess of even this 80mm depth but most of them will be upgradded to the shallower format in due course.
Currently the list of modules that exceed 80mm are:-

  • ED115 - SH-Noise
  • ED116 - Extended Noise .

Jack colour coding scheme for our Panther & EuroSerge modules

EuroRack and FracRak - the difference is?

Chassis Grounding and 0V Reference

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