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Bringer Of Groove
Mutilated Active Research System Hold

Sequencer With Arbitary Manipulated Pulses


A revisit of the Vintage Voltron 1
A revisit of the Vintage Voltron 2
A revisit of the Vintage Voltron 3
A revisit of the Vintage Voltron 4

A revisit of the Vintage Voltron 6

Inspired by the Animal
General Utility Panel - Design In Progress
Design In Progress
Concept Design In Progress

Demonstration of a Voltron 3-6-7 by NoiseBug

General Build Notes

12U End Cheeks - these End Cheeks are designed to take the 3 BOCGS units (or any other suitable 4U boat) and provide a neat solution to housing your BOCGS.

4U and 8U End Cheeks with a matching profile to the 12U
are now available.

There is space behind the lower unit to mount a small power supply such as our PSU-10 or you could add a shelf for storage

4U Enclosure Solutions

Readers are strongly recommended to check the CGS forums for updates to the
various module designs that constitute each of these units.

You should also visit Mod Wigglers - Best of CGS and Mod Wigglers - Serge Enclosure for build information

Nicholas Peck at Under The Big Tree has put together a series of instructional videos on the modules in the BoCGS SWAMP

Introduction to his 4U Modular System

CGS13 - Gated Comparator

CGS31 - Digital Noise

CGS36 - Pulse Divider & Logic

CGS359 - Sequencer-Programmer

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