PSU-10 Dual-Rail Power Supply Unit


The PSU-10 is a small power supply unit suitable for a number of applications including powering up to 3 Serge boats or 3 small EuroRack systems.

The PSU-10 can be configured to provide a number of different output voltages (see table below) and can be either installed in your own custom enclosure or be mounted in to a Hammond 1455K enclosure as a stand-alone power unit. Input connections are via 1/4" quick-conneect spades while outputs are via either 1/4" quick-connect spades or 4-way 0.156" MTA connectors.

Includes 2 LED indicators for output power status.

The lightweight (less then 400gms) and compact (120mm x 75mm x 51mm) stand-alone unit is fitted with a DC 2.5mm input jack (tip = +ve) and 3x 4-pin MIC connectors making it an ideal solution for powering a 3 boat BOCGS or Serge system.

+V Rail
-V Rail
DC Input
+12V @ 2A
-12V @ 750mA
+12V @ 2A
-12V @ 1.5A
+15V @ 2A
-15V @ 600mA
+15V @ 2A
-15V @ 1.5A

Other output voltages including asymmetrical rails available on request

View of DC Output end

View of DC Input end


  • The PSU-10 should be mounted in a well ventilated area.
  • The surfaces of the PSU-10 enclosure may run hot-to-the-touch (typically 10-20C above ambient).
  • For 12V operation we recommend using a 13.5VDC power supply, if this is not available then a 15VDC unit can be used although the unit will run a little hotter
120mm x 75mm x 51mm
Bill of Materials - 12V
Bill of Materials - 15V
Bill of Materials - Enclosure

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