There is nothing like the thrill of a live event – the anticipation of the show, the excitement of the audience, the energy of the performance. The quality and success of an event can be affected by many tangible and intangible factors. Managing the tangible variables, like lights and sound, allows performers, promoters and producers to maximize their investment and ensure the audience the best possible live experience.

Acting as a communication hub, the Be-Station provides gateway connectivity between MIDI, RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet and either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. MIDI devices, mixing desks, amplifiers, lighting banks and other devices can be connected to the Be-Station via any of the serial connections.

Be-Station is fully approved for use within C-Tick, CE and FCC regulated countries


1U-high ½ -rack enclosure.


213mm wide and 140mm deep.

Power Supply

12V-15VDC @ 200mA or 2 x PP3 batteries.

LED Indicators

6 tri-colour LEDs providing `Port Select’ status
1 RGB LED provifing Bluetooth status
1 Green LED providing DMX status

Communication options


3-wire (Tx, Rx and Common) with programmable baudrates as defined in the software document. DB9 (male)


DB9 (female)


3-pin female XLR


Industry-standard MIDI-IN, MIDI-THRU and MIDI-OUT ports


10base-T. Can support up to 60 sockets


½-wave stub antenna

Port Select Controls

2 off push-buttons. Press and hold a button for ~1-second to move to the next sequentially displayed communications option. Selector will skip the communications option currently assigned to the other port. Both ports are bi-directional so it does not matter which port is connected to which option

Be-Sniffer Control

Switch selects between unfiltered mode and filtered mode (see software document for detailed description)


Pre-defined `configuration’ messages allow baudrates and other data to be programmed through any communications option and suitable front-end software

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