Studio System

These boats provide a new approach to building synth systems. A system comprises 1 or more 6U Skins which are then simply bolted together side-by-side.
The skins are closed off with a pair of 6U Desktop Side Panels and the appropriate width Rails and Tapped Strips.
The Skins are finished with a black powder coat paint while the Side Panels are black anodized, offering a cosmetically neat finish to the assembled unit.

The 42HP Skins are pre-fitted with mounting points to accept our Busboard Carrier Plate and our ED123, ED126, ED704, ED705 or ED111 busboards. A blank 20HP Skin is available for configuring a 104HPsyetm.

Studio 300 - 60mm internal depth Skiffs
Studio 500 - Desktop
Studio 700 - 100mm internal depth Boats

Studio Series Datasheet

Studio 500 Desktop Kits

Studio 700 Boat Kits

Studio 300 Skiff Kits


Studio Lid Kits

Studio Tree

End Cheeks - Studio Master System

End Cheeks - Studio Portable System

Studio Shoulder Strap Kits

Studio Powered Units


Upgrade to M2.5mm (per boat)

Studio Systems