Studio Series
EuroRack & EuroSynth System

The Studio Series of enclosures is a highly flexible 3U modular synth enclosure system.

The Studio Series comprises 3 main families:-

  1. The Series 300 - skiff style with an internal module depth of 60mm. Fundamentally designed as lids to the Studio 500 and Studio 700 but useable as very thin skiff enclosures
  2. The Series 500 - desktop style
  3. The Series 700 - boat style with an internal depth of 90mm

A selection of End Cheeks will soon be available to not only cosmetically enhance the apparance of the Studio family but to also add the next level of flexibility:-

  • With the End Cheeks it will be possible to use the Studio 300 enslosures as a deep lid for all of the Studio enclosures

  • The End Cheeks will also work with a family of frames that will allow the Studio family to work together as an overall system.
  • Various permutations of the 300, 500 and 700 enclosures will cater for most user requirements from single enclosure solutions to multi-enclosure systems combined with free-standing and wall-mounting frames.

The Studio Series is shown here combining a Studio 500 104HP Desktop with 2x Studio 700 104HP Boats.
Thumbwheels lock the enclosures together but also povide a quick-release mechanism allowing any of the enclosures to be removed

Starter Systems

Our Studio Starter Systems give you everything you need to get a system up and ready-to go.

Studio 500 Desktop

Studio 700 Skiff

Each systems comprises:-

  1. A 6U x 84HP Studio 500 Desktop or Studio 700 Skiff
  2. 1x ED705 Powered Busboard with mounting kit
  3. 1x 4HP Power Panel
  4. 1x 15VDC 2.4A Power Brick


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