Studio Systems

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These are fully configured 12U systems complete with power and are ready to Plug-N-Play

Systems comprise:-

  • 1x Studio 12U Tree
  • 1x Studio 500 6U Boat with Basic End Cheeks
  • 1x Studio 700 6U Skiff with Slotted End Cheeks
  • ED705 Powered Busboards (quantity determined by width of system)
  • ED704 Passive Busboards (quantity determined by width of system)
  • 1x 15VDC 2.4A External Brick (15VDC 4.6A for 168HP systems)
  • Rear mounted POWER-IN, 0V REFERENCE and CHASSIS connectors
  • All connecting cables and mounting hardware
  • No soldering required - all PCBs are factory assembled and all cables crimped as necessary

As standard, all boats are supplied with M3 Tapped Strips but these may be replaced with M2.5mm Tapped Strips or M3 Sliding Nuts