Saramon MIDI Master
(Design In Progress)


A design-in-progress Sequencer/MIDI Master

Saramon is a design-in-progress unit originally designed as a Sequencer for the Pixie and ASMx-Genie.

The hardware currently includes:-

  1. a 4x20 LCD module,
  2. a 16-key keypad,
  3. a 12-note keyboard,
  4. LED indicators,
  5. MIDI-IN, MIDI-THRU and MIDI-OUT ports,
  6. 8 x10-bit analogue outputs,
  7. 2 x 8-bit outputs,
  8. 8 x 10-bit analogue inputs,
  9. 2 x digital outputs (GATE & TRIGGER),
  10. a LINK output for connecting to equipment such as the EDP WASP,
  11. AT24Cxx EEPROM,
  12. 4-bit Options switch,
  13. 4-bit MIDI Address switch

The User Interface Module Current Schematic

Functions currently planned, implemented or under development include:-

  • Single-channel MIDI-CV (Note, Velocity, Pitchbend, Modwheel, Gate, Trigger....)
  • 8-channel CV-MIDI (Gate or deltaCV controlled)
  • Sequencer (MIDI and CV outputs)
  • MIDI-EDP Link converter (also CV-EDP Link)

Readers are requested to submit their requests for features.

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