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Pixie Attache
The EDP Wasp Revisited

Let's Go Shopping

The original EDP Wasp

The Mk 1 Pixie

The current Mk2 Pixie Attache

The Pixie Attache is a revisit of the WASP that keeps the salient features of the WASP but replaces the keyboard circuitry with a MIDI interface to provide a more flexible product, giving the user access to a wide range of MIDI controllers including keyboards, laptop/PCs and iPad's.

To help improve the stability of the design, the two 555-based VCOs and associated decoding ciruitry have been replaced with a dual-digital oscillator built on the Mitsubishi M16C.

The Pixie expands the original WASP by adding the following extra functions:-

              1. Additional waveshapes on both DCO's (Triangle, Sine and Modulated Square)
              2. 2nd WASP Filter
              3. Low-Pass Filter
              4. Ring Modulator
              5. 4-channel pre-FilterMixer
              6. 4-channel pre-Output Mixer

    Bill of Materials (Mk1)

    Build Guide (Mk1)

    Bill of Materials (Mk2)

    Build Guide (Mk2)

    User Guide

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