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Let's Go Shopping

The Construct-A-Boat family offers the case builder a more mechanically robust alternative to the Lite Rack styl. The boats are 100mm affording the builder a comfortable depth for most modules on the market and room for a low-profile power solution leaving room for the system to breath and reduce the congestion of 'stuffed in' power cables.

The integrated rear panel provides a platform for mounting busboards and power supplies.

The boats are available in standard widths of 85HP, 105HP, 127HP and 169HP (*).

The boats are, nominally, 2x 3U but can also be supplied as 1x 6U for those building custom synths and needing the larger, uncluttered, panel area afforded by a 6U boat.

As with all our enclosure solutions, we offered M3 Tapped Strips as standard but can supply M2.5mm tapped Strips or M3 Rail Nuts.

Although intended to be mounted within a custom enclosure, these boats are robust enough to be used as is, but please note that the top and bottom faces are open .

(*) PLEASE NOTE: These boats are 1HP WIDER than their normal counterparts so, for example, the 85HP Construct-A-Boat has 85HP of module space not the more common 84HP.

All back panels are pre-punched to accept a 2-, 3- or 4- pin MIC connector, simplifying power entry to the boat. The 85HP back panels are pre-punched to accept or ED111, ED704 and ED705 busboards. The larger back panels are pre-punched to accept anolder (now obsolete) board design.

Picture shows a 127HP Construct-A-Boat

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