PSU-8 Micro-Dual-Rail Power Supply Assembly

There is often the need to generate a +ve/-ve power supply from a single power supply input such as a battery or a plug-pack.

-V Rail (maximum)
DC Input (minimum)
-12V @ 650mA
12VDC @ 1A
-12V @ 2A
12VDC @ 5A

The figures quoted for the -V rail are the maximum attainable and require a DC input supply with a minimum rating as shown. The +V rail will be equivalent to :-

'rating of input supply' - 'load drawn from -V rail'

For example, the PSU-8b running at maximum -12V loading with the recommended 5A minimum input will deliver approximately (5 - 2 =) 3A.

Please note that the actual voltage level of +12V rail is entirely dependent on the external power source. If the +12V rail exceeds 12.5VDC we would recommend looking at an alternate external source or consider the PSU-10.

All outputs are filtered switching-regulator. For linearly regulated outputs you may either add a PSU-9 or consider using the PSU-10 as an alternate supply.

This small unit is suitable for mounting directly inside the unit to be powered but is also available as a small stand-alone supply.

Input Panel

Enclosure - 150mm x 54mm x 30mm

Output Panel


85mm x 50mm x 10mm (Enclosure 150mm x 54mm x 30mm)
Bill of Materials

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