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IF112 - Double Deka
The original (discontinued) slider version can be found here
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The IF112 is a stable, wide-range 1V/Octave VCO with incredible sonic versatility. The [BANK A] and [BANK B] pots let you 'create' a 10-stage waveform. Now imagine these waveforms, each with a precisely stepped 6-octave range control, that can also be externally voltage controlled.

Add to this, two unique, new types of sync, a funky digital ring-modulator type input, plus separate linear and exponential FM inputs.

Pedro Eustache talks about and demonstrates his Analogue Wind Synthesiser (using the IF112 Double Deka as the VCO core) Quote: "The IF122 performs PERFECTLY for my modified Karplus-Strong analog application [in fact, it is basically an analog equivalent to the NI' Reaktor "Steam Pipe" ensemble, by Martijn Zwartjes], which I play from a vintage Lyricon Wind Driver (analog wind synth controller) from the late 70's.

Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @

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