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ED103 - MIDI Trigger
(formerly MIDI2SDS (X))
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The ED103 is an upgraded version of the MIDI2SDS from Paul Maddox providing the user with 8 MIDI to velocity-controlled trigger outputs.

ED103 supports 2 'trigger modes':-

  1. PULSE Mode where the TRIGGER output is a pulse generated on receipt of a valid NOTE ON message and has a pulsewidth defined by an onboard trimpot,
  2. GATE Mode where the TRIGGER output is controlled by the receipt of valid NOTE ON/NOTE OFF messages.

The logic polarity of the TRIGGER outputs is also selectable:-

  • POSTIVE - the TRIGGER output swings from the low voltage (normally 0V) to the high voltage (usually 5V)
  • NEGATIVE - the TRIGGER output swings from the high voltage (normally 5V) to the low voltage (normally 0V))

In both cases the maximum amplitude of the TRIGGER output is determined by the VELOCITY value of the respective NOTE ON message as a proportion of the maximum set output voltage.

Trimpot adjustments are common to all outputs.

ED103 also supports an ACCENT Mode (firmware V4.1 onwards). When enabled, the TRIGGER outputs are paired up 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 & 7-8 with each pair sharing the same MIDI address. The first output of each pair responds as normal to its associated MIDI message. The second output will only trigger when the velocity value is greater than 100.From V4.3 onwards you can program the MIDI Channel and Note assignments for the TRIGGER channels using a SYSEX message.

Factory default settings can now also be applied without requiring the module to be re-powered up.

Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @

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