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ED102 - Hertz-Volt-Octave - GATE

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Among presently available music synthesizers there are, typically, two different types of control systems used for voltage control and trigger/gate control.

Voltage Control

The two most common formats are:-

  1. Hertz/Volt
  2. Volts/Octave

Trigger/Gate Control

The two most common formats are:-

  1. S-Trig
  2. V-Trig

The ED102 lets you marry these differing formats in to your system.

Based on the MS-02 from Korg.

Please note: There is a manufacturing error on the front panel that has resulted in the 2 left fixing holes been in the wrong position. Securing the module using both the right hand screws should be sufficient but if you are concerned about the stability of the module then we can organise for the 2 left mounting holes to be elongated in to a slot

Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @

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