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CGS736 - Pulse Divider
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The CGS736 is a pulse divider with integer divisions between /2 and /8 plus /16, /32 and /64. The divider is used to generate interrelated pulses for use in creating poly-rhythms, and unusual sequences. It can also be run at audio frequencies as a sub-oscillator/sub harmonic generator. The output pulse from each division is one clock cycle in length, and the relationship between pulses is fixed. Specifically, the [/4] output will correspond to every second pulse from the [/2] output. Likewise, the [/8] will correspond to every second pulse from the [/4] output, and the [/6] will correspond to every second pulse from the [/3] output. Needless to say, the [/2] and [/3] groups are not related to each other, or to the [/5] or [/7] outputs. All however share a common external reset, so they can be synchronized. All outputs go high on reset.

Some ideas on how to use this module:

Feed a clock signal into the input of the pulse divider. The divided signal is available simultaneously for each output.

If running at audio frequencies, feed some of these to a mixer or other signal processing device.

If running at low speed, try driving two different sequencers at the same time from different divisions. Try feeding the [/8] output into the reset - this will force all outputs to synchronize to a [/7] count, with the lesser divisions becoming "syncopated".

Using an AND gate (ED132 for example) you can generate other divisors. For example, the [/6] and [/7] outputs could be ANDed together, and that would give a pulse every 6 x 7 (42) clock pulses (i.e. 1 pulse immediately the pulse divider is reset, and the second 42 pulses after that etc.).


Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @

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