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CGS706 - Burst Generator
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The CGS706 is a rhythm and timing accessory. It generates a burst of GATE or TRIGGER pulses at various speeds as set from a front panel control.

At higher speeds it can be used for washboard, maracas or similar rapid-burst percussive effects when connected to the appropriate sound generating device such as a ringing oscillator. At lower speeds it can be used to step a sequencer a certain number of steps or retrigger an envelope shaper. The output pulses are quite narrow when the specified component values are used, and would best be described as trigger pulses in synths that distinguish gates from triggers.

How to use this module:

Experiment with it, here's a few ideas to get you started:-

It can be used alone or cascaded with other burst generators.

When cascaded, it could form the basis of a weird rhythm/timing generator.

It could be used to step your sequencer through so many notes each down-beat.

Fed to the modulation input of a VCO either directly or via an envelope shaper, it will cause a trill at the beginning of each note.

It can use either its internal synchronized clock, or an external (non-synchronized) clock.

It can be configured to be retriggerable or not, in which case the event in progress is concluded before it will respond to another.


Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @

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