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ASM324 - Xpander
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The ASM324-Xpander is a 7-jack module that can provide a 1-in/5-out split or a 1-in/3-out plus a 1-in/2-out split.

The ASM324 can also be supplied with a mix of 3.5mm and 4mm jacks for sending/receiving signals to/from external equipment and other synths or even be used within a mixed-format system:-

ASM324-3: All jacks are 3.5mm

ASM324-4: All jacks are 4mm

ASM324-3I/4O: The 2 [IN] jacks are 3.5mm with the [OUT] jacks being 4mm

ASM324-4I/3O: The 2 [IN] jacks are 4mm with the [OUT] jacks being 3.5mm

Inserting a jack in to the top [IN] socket will replicate the signal at all of the [OUT] jacks giving you a 1-in/5-out expansion.

Inserting a jack in to the bottom [IN] socket will replicate that signal on the bottom [OUT] jacks giving you a 1-in/2-out expansion. It will also automatically split the top section in to a 1in/3-out expansion with its [IN] signal only going to the top 3 [OUT] jacks.

Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @

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