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The ASM302 is a small general purpose envelope shaper offering AD and ASR envelopes.

In ASR mode the envelope output rises during the GATE ON phase and will remain at its maximum output until the GATE OFF phase is started at which point the envelope output goes through the decay phase.

In AD mode the ASM302 is ‘self completing’ and the envelope output goes through the complete attack and decay phases irrespective of the length of the GATE.

The ASM302 can also be used as an LFO. If JP102 has been fitted then with no GATE connection (i.e. no patch cord connected) the LFO will free run at a frequency dictated by the settings of the RISE and FALL controls. When a GATE connection is made the LFO is gated and will only oscillate when the GATE signal is high. CAVEAT: When ASR mode is selected and there no GATE connection, the envelope OUT will sit high. Users should deselect ASR mode toreturn the envelope OUT to low. If JP102 is not fitted, the LFO mode will only operate when the FATE is on.

The RISE and FALL profiles are both logarithmic.

The ASM302 has a maximum output frequency of around 250Hz ([RISE] and [FALL] at their minimum positions) while at the maximum settings for [RISE] and [FALL] the rise and fall times are each of the order of 15 seconds.

Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @

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