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ES27 - Transient Generator

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The ES27 is a Transient Generator with voltage controllable rise/fall times. It is a scaled down version of the ES114 Universal Slope Generator and provides some of the basic functions that can be patched on the ES114 but occupying less panel space in your system and freeing up the ES114 for other functions.

Common uses for the ES27 are:-

As a simple 'AR' type envelope generator: apply a trigger to the [TRIGGER] jack to initiate an 'AR' envelope with a variable shape from 'slope' through 'triangle' to 'ramp'. If you apply the trigger/gate to the patch [SIGNAL] input you will get an ASR envelope with the sustain phase being present for as long as the [SIGNAL] is high.

As a voltage-controlled low-frequency oscillator: With the [END] output patched to the [TRIGGER] input the ES27 becomes an LFO or audio oscillator. The [END] output can also be used as a sequencer clock (especially suitable for clocking the ES23 Sequencer Programmer and the ES28 Touch Sequencer).

As an exponential 'AR'. Patch the [DC] output to the [VC] input. This will then transform the Attack/Release sections of a linear transient signal into an exponential transient signal .

When in 'oscillator' mode the frequency range extends from a high around 2.5kHz to a cycle-period in excess of 4 minute.

NB: The 3.5mm variant will self-cycle without patching. This function can be disabled by inserting a jack into the [TRIGGER] input. This function is not available on the 4mm variant which will require a patch between the [END] and [TRIGGER] sockets.

Two internal jumpers allow the 'direction' of the [RISE] and [FALL] to be swapped. With the jumpers set to JP1_+ and JP2_0 increasing the pot value equates to an increase in the time period for the RISE/FALL i.e. rotating the controls clockwise will result in longer rise/fall cycles and hence a reduction in the frequency. Switch the jumpers to JP1_+ and JP2_0 if you prefer clockwise rotation equating to an increase the frequency.

Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @

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