Build Guide - PCB Assembly
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Column 1 - Column 4 PCB
Backboard PCB

Constructors should refer to the Component Overlays along with,
the Bill of Materials for the current value of all components, and
the General Construction Notes for general PCB assembly guidelines.

  1. Assemble 4x Jack Carrier Boards
  2. Assemble 4x Switch Carrier Boards
  3. Prepare the 4x D103 LEDs as per the instructions given below
  4. Prepare 4x toggle switches and 4x pushbutton switches by fitting ferrules
  5. Fit all components to the 4x ES24 Stage boards except for the sub-assemblies and LEDs
  6. Mount S102 and S103 on to one of the ES24 assemblies but do not solder
  7. Offer up to the front panel and secure with a single nut on the central pot and a nut on the jack
  8. Secure S102 and S103
  9. Flip the board over and trim the ferrules to near flush with the PCB
  10. Solder the ferrules in to place
  11. Remove the assembly and repeat for the remaining 3x assemblies
  12. Starting with 'Stage 1', mount the J102 and S101 sub-assemblies but do not solder
  13. Offer the assembly up to the front panel and secure using the appropriate nuts
  14. Ensure that the toggle action of S101 is vertical and then solder the sub-assemblies in to place
  15. Install the LED assembly
  16. Repeat for the remaining 3 columns
  17. Assemble the Back Board and mount on to the column boards ensuring correct alignment of the IDC connectors

Preparing D103

A) Using our LED Carrier PCB

  1. Form the legs of the LED to 90 degrees approximately 5mm from the body
  2. Take care to note the orientation of the LED with respect to the main PCB
  3. Solder the LED in to the D1 position on the LED Carrier PCB

B) Using equipment wire

Follow the instructions as per our General Construction Notes



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