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Analogue Synthesiser

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The ASM2-Cougar has been designed as a full modular-styled synthesiser. It incorporates all of the available
features of the ASM-2 and provides 3.5mm colour-coded jacks (or 4mm banana sockets) for almost every available input and output.
Placing all the patch points in the lower section of the panel allows for clutter-free access to the controls making this a great live playing synth.

The ASM2-Cougar Expander PCB provides the following additional functions:-

  • MonoDAC - MIDI-CV Converter to provide MIDI support
  • CGS36 Pulse Divider from Ken Stone. Allows for the creation of simple poly-rhythms and unusual sequences
  • +/-12VDC power circuit allowing the unit to be powered from a single external (WELL REGULATED) 12VDC 2A supply.

The panel measures in at 6U x 84HP (266mm x 432mm) and is designed to fit in to our 6U 84HP, Studio 500 and Studio 700 boats.

An exploded view of the ASM2-Cougar
end-cheeks are an optional extra

A fully assembled ASM2-Cougar
end-cheeks are an optional extra

Draft Construction Guides and Wiring Charts

Cougar Build Cougar BOM

These documents are still under development

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