3U Rack Ears - Tower Racks and Skinny Racks Only

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We offer 2 styles of Rack Ear:-
1) Standard Rack Ears: These are the type used in conventional 19" enclosures and allow the sub-rack assembly to be quickly installed and removed. Rack Ears require an additional 55mm over the module width of the rack.
2) Filler Ears: If you do not wish to use the conventional rack mounting method and/or require a narrower housing then Filler Ears can be used in place of the standard Rack Ears. Filler Ears have a narrower profile that does not include the M6 mounting holes. The sub-rack assembly is mounted from inside the enclosure using suitably sized countersunk screws. Filler Ears require only an additional 20mm over the module width of the rack.
NOTE: Ears MUST be used in conjunction with our 40mm Side Plates and cannot be fitted directly to a rail without them.
2 pieces are required for each 3U section