Beginner (4mm)

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As featured in Doug Lynners Patch of The Week

SPECIAL Low Price for an Assembled System
(available with 3.5mm jacks on request)

The Beginner Serge continues and completes this selection of entry level EuroSerge configurations.
The additions of a second VCO and VCA make The Beginner Serge a fully effective, single-voice Serge and allows for more modulation opportunities and inter-patching control.
The newly expanded Beginner System now includes a CGS734 - ASR, ES79 - Ring Modulator and the ED702 - Synth-A-Scope and is as featured in the popular Doug Lynner Patch of The Week video tutorials

Supplied in our Studio 700 6U 84HP enclosure with power supply and a selection of patch leads.

EuroSerge Systems Datasheet