The following Doug Lynner created EuroSerge configurations are based on his long relationship with the Serge Modular Music System and the system concepts of its creater, Serge Tcherepnin.

Each system builds upon his experience as one of the first Serge demonstraters and as the original owner of the Mystery Serge, the first commercial Serge synthesizer. These systems also strive to expose the unique value proposition of the Serge, patch programmability.

Both ooptions include an appropriately sized Studio Tree housing, an external DC power supply, ED705/ED704 busboards, all connecting cables and mounting hardware.

All systems as presented use 4mm banana jacks but can be supplied, on request, with 3.5mm jacks (it is recommended that 3.5mm systems be expanded with the addition of a number of multiples).

EuroSerge Systems Datasheet

ESS1 - Teaser (4mm)

ESS2 - Starter (4mm)

ESS3 - Beginner (4mm)

As featured in Doug Lynners Patch of The Week

ESS4 - Intermediate #1 (4mm)

ESS5 - Intermediate #2 (4mm)

ESS6 - Portable Control (4mm)

ESS7 - Portable Sound (4mm)

ESS8 - Classic Mystery (4mm)

ESS9 - Classic Plus (4mm)

ESS10 - Through (4mm)

ESS14 - Discovery (4m)