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ES28 - Touch Sequencer
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In the early years Serge Modular manufactured a four-stage Sequencing Programmer which was discontinued when the sixteen-stage Touch Keyboard Sequencer came in to production. Musicians have often wondered what happened to it, since they liked its economy, and the fact that its modest dimensions did not tie up a large section of a system.

The EuroSerge sees these Sequencing Programmers revived in the form of the ES28 Touch Sequencer.

The ES28 is an extremely versatile manual and automatic controller, combining a touch-sensitive keyboard (ES34 TouchPad), a voltage programmer (pre-set selector), and a sequencer.

As a keyboard programmer the ES28 is used in conjunction with the ES34 TouchPad and permits the performer to access up to 8 separate stages of 4 voltage presets. In this mode the ES28 can be used to change the settings of other modules through voltage control, altering the characteristics of a sound patch and routing/switching events in live performance or in the studio.

As a sequencing programmer the ES28 permits a wide variety of sequencer effects, since the 8 stages can be programmed to go forward and backward, can be set to run through any desired number of stages (from 1 to 8), and can be triggered to skip stages in a semi-random pattern. These sequencer functions can be further enhanced using the ES34 TouchPad to interact with the sequencing programmer so that the sequence length and stage access can be programmed at a touch in actual performance.

Specific features include an LED on each stage for immediate visual indication of sequencer/programmer activity, a [RESET] input for a variety of rhythmic effects and a [HOLD] function to disable sequencing.

Prototype ES34 TouchPad Unit


Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @
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