The SoundLab Mini-Synthesiser

This is an intermediate to advanced project for someone who wants to make cool sounds.
It makes a great first synth project but is interesting enough for the seasoned synth person too.
The Sound Lab Mini-Synth is a LOT of fun to play with and makes some very cool sounds.
If you like electronic music you will definitely have fun with this.
If you have a sampler you can use this unit as an analog synth sound source
to make excellent samples with.

To assist builders, Elby Designs is pleased to be able to offer a full Component Kit

Rev002 PCB's may now be purchased with the Component Kit or direct from Ray

SoundLab Console (Front1Front2Front3Rear1Rear2 Alternate Knob Option)

Bill Of Materials

Front Panel Details

Here is a copy of the Construction Manual for the SoundLab Console Kit and
here is a picture of its insides.

SoundLab Guide

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