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Studio Tree
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The Studio Tree is a solution to combining multiple Studio Series enclosures to create a larger system. we have 2 variants of the Studio Tree creating a 12U or 18U sytem.

The Studio Tree

(18U upright - 12U upright - 18U sloped - 12U sloped)

All configurations comprise a Studio 500 as the base unit and 1 or 2 Studio 300/700 units. The Studio 500 is only conencted to the rest of the system by a power cable at the rear, so can be quickly disconnected and taken away for use as gigging unit where you do not require the full compliment of modules.

Any of the other boats can also be independently removed by simply undoing its associated pair of thumbwheels, allowing any of the boats to be used independently of each other (will need attention to how the power supply is connected).

Or the whole system can be quickly dismantled and transported to a new location for a quick setup.

We recommend the use of a Studio 300-LID when transporting your cases. One Studio 300-LID will fit all the cases in the system so if you are only ever taking one boat out then the same lid can be used.

In normal use the sloped/uppright option is generally 'set and forget'. However you can switch your configuration between sloped and upright by removing the rear thumbwheel in the base section and moving the boats to the required position and locking by reinserting the thumbwheel (the user should apply extreme caution when removing the thumbwheel and moving the boats as the boats will have considerable weight and the user could loose control of the cases, as can be seen here.

By building your system upwards you retain a minimal footprint on your work surface while achieving a high module space.

Studio Tree Footprints

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