Studio Master Series
EuroRack & EuroSynth System

The Studio Master series offers the user a flexible solution to their EuroRack/EuroSynth enclosure needs.
Using a small set of building elements the user can build systems from 42HP wide through to 168HP.
End Cheeks allow multiple enclosures to be joined to provide 6U, 12U and 18U systems.
The Studio Master profile is ideal for the desktop or studio environment with its 22 degree sloped panel faces allowing tall systems
to be fitted in to the minimal footspace while maintaining optimum user access to all of the panel controls.


Rails form the main component of any racking system by providing a mechanical sub-frame for securing modules
in to your system. 4 Rails are required for each 6U section of subrack and come in the following standard `module opening' widths:- 42HP, 84HP, 126HP and 168HP. Other widths are available on request.

Made from a high-quality aluminium they are irridium plated for improved electrical conductivity
and anodised for a tougher surface finish.

All Rails are pre-tapped to accept M5 bolts making assembly a breeze while offering a secure and rigid assembly.

Tapped Strips

Tapped Strips slide in to a dedicated slot near the front of the rail and are used to accomodate the module fixing screws. The strips are tapped at 1HP (5.08mm/0.2") intervals with 3.0mm holes or optionally 2.5mm holes.

Maximum strip length is 84HP but their design allows them to be butted end-to-end with no loss of the 1HP interval. We also offer 19HP, 42HP and 83HP Tapped Strips allowing the common system widths of 42HP, 84HP, 104HP 126HP and 168HP to be easily accommodated without requiring Tapped Strips being cut.

For those requiring flexibility over the spacing between tapped holes such as when installing modules that do not confirm to the standard defined by Doepfer and as used in our Panther family, we offer Square Rail Nuts. These slide in to the same slot as used by the Tapped Strips and can be positioned anywhere along the length of the rail.
Square Rail Nuts are offered with either M3 or M2.5 tapped holes.


6U 42HP Skins

Our 42HP 6U 500 Skin is a new approach to subrack construction.
Multiple skins are be bolted side-by-side to create wider subracks.
This sub-assembly is then closed off with the addition of 2x 500 Side Panels
and the appropriate length Rails and Tapped Strips.

The front section will accomodate modules with a maximumdepth of around 80mm
while the rear section will accomodate modules up to 130mm deep

Eack Skin is supplied pre-fitted with a series of M4 threaded studs in the base that match our Busboard Carrier Plate. The plates, which are pre-punched to provide support for our ED1xx family of busboards, provide a common mounting template for case manufacturers requiring only 4 fixing points in the case. The stud pattern in the 42HP Desktop Skin allow the carrier plate (and hence busboard) to be mounted in one of 3 positions providing the builder with flexibility in the position and number of busboards installed in to a system.

Each Skin also has a cut-out in the rear to accept a multipole power connector which offers an easy means of getting power in to your system without having to drill holes as an alternative to our Power Panels. It also allows power to be fed from one boat to the next.

Studio 500 Assembly Guide Recommended Maximum Module Space

Fixing Hardware

Assembly of all of our Studio 500 Series is done using bolts making them an easy assembly for everyone.
All the required hardware is supplied with our Studio 500 Series Kits but can also be
supplied loose for those purchasing their own mix of parts.

Where Used
M5 x 8mm Bolt
(countersunk hex)
  • Securing Rails to Desktop Boat
  • 2 per rail are required (8 per 6U assembly)
M4 x 8mm Bolt
  • Securing multiple 42HP Skins
  • 5 per join are required
M4 x 8mm
(countersunk hex)
  • Securing Desktop Side Panels to 42HP Skins
  • 4 per Side Panel are required
  • A neat alternative to regular bolts for securing modules. Provides a fast and efficient means of removing and installing modules without the need for a screwdriver
  • Also available as M2.5
M3 x 10mm Bolt
(stainless steel)
  • Securing module
  • Nylon washer available
M3 x 10mm Bolt
  • Securing modules - no rack burn

End Cheeks

We currently offer 2 End Cheek Profiles.

The Desktop End Cheek is used with a single Studio 500 Desktop unit to provide a cosmetically pleasing finish

The Tower End Cheek allows 2x Desktop units to be combined to form a 12U Tower-Combo.
This Tower-Combo has two orientation modes:-

  1. Desktop: In this orientation the front section has the same profile as the Desktop unit providing a conveniently sloped front section. The upper section slopes at approximately 22 degrees from the horizontal giving easy access to the upper section while maintaining a pleasant profile.
  2. Tower: In this orientation the profile allows a separate Desktop unit to sit in front of the Tower-Slope. The lower section of the Tower-Slope then forms the first sloped section above the Desktop unit while the upper section provides a further sloped top section.

These 2 profiles let you build 6U, 12U and 18U systems with the 18U system having a
removable 6U section ideal for taking a part of your system on to the road or around to a friends place.

The End Cheeks are made from a high quality pure white thermoplastic that offers the following features:-

  • will not fade, break or splinter
  • will not delaminate or rust
  • strong, durable and impact resistant
  • chemically inert
  • garffiti resistant and easy to clean
  • resistant to mildew, mould and odours
  • moisture resistant
  • Each End Cheek is 19mm thick affording a rigid end piece that will not buckle or bend and has
    2x M6 blind threaded inserts for each 6U section that mate up with fixing holes on the 6U End Plates.

    End Cheek Profiles


Front assembly is an 84HP Desktop Unit,
Tower End Cheeks shown in :-
Desktop (top) and
Tower (front-right) orientations

Configured Systems

(with recommended minimum* power and distribution options)
*dependent on total module loading - may require an ED704 be replaced by an ED705 and increasing the External PS to 6A

2x 3U 42HP

2x 3U 84HP

2x 3U 104HP

  • 1x ED705
  • 1x 4HP Power Panel
  • 1x Busboard Mounting Kit
  • 1x Carrier Plate Kit
  • 1x 15VDC 2.4A External PS
  • 1x ED705
  • 2x ED704
  • 1x 4HP Power Panel
  • 4x Busboard Mounting Kit
  • 4x Carrier Plate Kit
  • 1x Busboard Cable Set - 20cm
  • 1x Busboard Cable Set - 40cm
  • 1x 15VDC 2.4A External PS
  • 1x ED705
  • 3x ED704
  • 1x 4HP Power Panel
  • 4x Busboard Mounting Kit
  • 4x Carrier Plate Kit
  • 2x Busboard Cable Set - 20cm
  • 1x Busboard Cable Set - 40cm
  • 1x 15VDC 4A External PS
2x 3U 126HP
2x 3U 168HP

Top Row : 4HP Power Panel - Power Plate - ED111

Bottom Row : ED704 - ED705

  • 2x ED705
  • 4x ED704
  • 1x 4HP Power Panel
  • 6x Busboard Mounting Kit
  • 6x Carrier Plate Kit
  • 4x Busboard Cable Set - 20cm
  • 1x Power Cable Set - 40cm
  • 1x 15VDC 6A External PS
  • 2x ED705
  • 6x ED704
  • 1x 4HP Power Panel
  • 8x Busboard Mounting Kit
  • 8x Carrier Plate Kit
  • 6x Busboard Cable Set - 20cm
  • 1x Power Cable Set - 40cm
  • 1x 15VDC 6A External PS

Busboard Cable Set

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