4U Boats and Racking Solutions

4U Boat. This is the standard housing for the BoCGS, Voltron and Serge designs and accpts a singe 4U panel.

Original BUD AC423 enclosures are available but will require additional working including drilling holes for mounting PCBs, power connectors and Panel mounting holes. BUD enclosures come with a raw aluminium finish.

Our custom made BoCGS Boats come predrilled to accept our CGS391 Mounting Rails, MIC power connector and come with a black anodised finish.

Supports our BoCGS and Voltron panels as well as full 84HP panels from Loudest Warning.

Our BoCGS Boats also include a set of mounting holes that accept our Boat Racking Kit that allows the boat to be mounted in to a standard 19" frame

Supports our BoCGS and Voltron panels as well as panels from Loudest Warning.

2 variants are offered:-

  1. 84HP - this is the (now) standard variant and accepts 4U 84HP Panels (16.8" x 6.8")
  2. 85HP - this supports the older 4U 85HP panel format which measure 17" x 7" .
See our 4U Racks for alternative mounting solutions