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PSU-12 Dual Supply Module

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The PSU-12 is an 8HP Power Module that is rated to around 60W* with the -12V rail delivering a maximum of 2.5A.

A [PANEL GND] is providde to allow a 'true-earth connection to be made to the system. This will tie the power supply 0V rail to the connected point.

The PSU-12 requires an external 12VDC laptop-style power brick with a maximum rating of 5A*





* The quoted maximum rating is based on the manufacturers specification for the 2.5mm DC connector which is 5A. It will be noted, however, that there are many commercial power supplies using this same connector type that are rated to well in excess of this figure. If you wish to use the PSU-12 with a total loading in excess of 5A (60W) you should monitor the temperature of the DC connector to ensure that the plastic body of the connector does not become distorted/damaged through excessive heat. Long-term usage of the connector with high currents may result in the plug connection becoming loose resulting in intermittent power connections and voltage drop-outs.

Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @
2.5A maximum (OUTPUT)
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