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ED105 - Phaser
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The ED105 is a 6-stage phaser which gives three minima in its response curve. As an aid to recreating some of the subtle properties of phase delay in acoustics sounds, the ED105 has 3 separate outputs that provide [360], [720] and [1080] of voltage controllable phase shift. These 'raw' outputs themselves do not provide the classic phasing sound as they must be mixed with the incoming signal for this to occur.

The [MIX] output combines the input signal with a blend of the [720] and [1080] outputs as selected via the [MIX] control to produce the multiple notch filter effect that is usually associated with phase shifters.

The ED105's log-conforming characteristics and the manual and voltage controls enable smooth and precisely centered sweeps of phase shift for both spatial effects and timbral modifiation.

The [FREQUENCY] knob adjusts the frequency of the 3 notches generated by the phase shift network. This can also be controlled by an external control voltage that allows envelope generators to be used to sweep the phaser to create filter type effects.

The ED105 also contains a low-frequency oscillator that can be connected to the phase shifter instead of an external [CV].

The LFO has a triangle waveform and has a range from over 15Hz to greater than 40 seconds per cycle set by the [LFO RATE] control and is selected by the [LFO-CV] switch. The [DEPTH] control adjusts the level of the LFO or external CV.

The [FEEDBACK] knob adjusts the amount of the [MIX] output that is fed back to the input of the ED105 and is used to add depth to the output.

Module Width
Module Depth
+12V @
-12V @

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