The SoundLab Mini-Synthesiser

This is an intermediate to advanced project for someone who wants to make cool sounds.
It makes a great first synth project but is interesting enough for the seasoned synth person too.
The Sound Lab Mini-Synth is a LOT of fun to play with and makes some very cool sounds.
If you like electronic music you will definitely have fun with this.
If you have a sampler you can use this unit as an analog synth sound source
to make excellent samples with.

The SoundLab Console presents the SoundLab in a neat and compact battery-operated unit ideal for gigging and/or studio use.

SoundLab Console (Front1Front2Front3Rear1Rear2 Alternate Knob Option)

Bill Of Materials Front Panel Details

Here is a copy of the Construction Manual for the SoundLab Console Kit and
here is a picture of its insides.

SoundLab Guide

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