An ARP Odyssey Clone

The Odysseus is a clone of the ARP Odyssey.

Front Panel V1.1

Front Panel V1.1

Front Panel V2.0 (suspended design)

The Odysseus has tried to remain true to the original circuit maintaining,
where possible, identical components.

The Odysseus is offered both as a kit of parts and fully assembled.

The kit of parts includes :-

  • Front Panel V1.1
  • Odysseus PCB
  • ALL components

Enclosure options include :-

  • Studio 300 6U 84HP - provides a fully enclosed low-profile solution which can be mounted in to a custom case as required
  • 6U 84HP - Tower Rack. Industry standard 19" racking system
  • Studio 500 6U 84HP - A fully enclosed desktop solution with optional End Cheeks

The unit is powered from a single 18VDC power supply

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