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MonoWave (X)
Reproduced with permission from Paul Maddox

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Now available with a blue panel

The Monowave was the brainchild of UK electronics designer, Paul Maddox. Paul has been designing and building synths for years as well as releasing his own unique music realised on his impressive modular creations.

Paul wanted to build a synth the roots of which lay in the PPG. Originally intended as a monophonic bass synth, the Monowave has uses beyond that.

The Monowave is a wavetable synthesiser with 256 waves available for each of the two oscillators. Each oscillator also has a sub-oscillator. The filter is a copy of the Moog filter, there are separate envelope generators for the filter and amplifier, and a simple LFO. The panel is very 'retro' and 'traditional' with knobs for every function and a simple display. Internally, the circuitry is all analogue (except for the digital circuitry used in the oscillators)... no wimpy DSP thank you very much - this is a 'real' synth!!

Paul has now released the MonoWave as GPL and has given me permission to release the PCB and a Component Kit for those that unfortunately missed the first, limited run. I have upgraded the main microcontroller to the newer ATMEGA16.

The MonoWave (X) is a rebuild of Paul's popular MonoWave I and has been re-released with his permission. The new design reduces the original multi-pcb design down to 2 PCBs:-

  1. The Main board, which incorporates all of the original main board circuits, now also includes an onboard regulated power supply, PCB-mounted MIDI sockets (optional breakout connectors provided for those wishing panel-mounted sockets) and has had the multitude of ribbon-cable connectors reduced to 3 off 40-way cables. This board also now supports the ATMEGA16/ATMEGA32 in place of the original AT90S8515 and the ATtiny2313 in place of the AT90S1200.
  2. The Front Panel board. This has been designed to virtually eliminate the wiring process of the MonoWave by utilising PCB-mounted pots, switches, LED's and LCD Module. Using this panel only requires 3x 40-way ribbon cables to connect it to the Main board. This board can be completey omitted by those wishing to use their own panel and/or case design. Please note that this board uses a specific model of switch and pot similar to those shown here and that if using this board you will need to get these (as supplied in my Panel Component Kit) or a direct equivalent.

In addition, the front panel design incorporates a 2x16 LCD Module (the original MonoWave only had a 1x16 Module) allowing software developers to extend the user-interface. PCB and Component Kits are now available. In the case of the MonoWave Panel Component Kit this will include all pots, switches, LEDs and the LCD Module. Constructing both kits will leave the user only needing to provide a 15VDC regulated supply and a case.

We also offer an enclosure kit for the MonoWave (X) which comprises a 2U 84HP rack (rack depth is just under 340mm deep ) complete with ears suitable for mounting in to a 19" rack, or it can be simply left as a free-standing unit. This kit also includes a Front and Rear panel.

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