MIDI3c is a MIDI player for the Psion Series 3c/mx palmtop computers. It allows the user to play individual MIDI* files or groups of MIDI* files as a session. Various cueing options are allowed in the Session player.

Connection to the MIDI unit is normally via the MIDI-IFE Interface unit offering connections for standard MIDI-IN and DB9 RS232 connections.

MIDI3c has a number of modules:-

  1. MIDI Player. Once connected to a MIDI sound device you can play the selected MIDI* file.
  2. an extension of the MIDI Player is to group a number of MIDI* files together, assign a cueing method to each file and to then play all the files as a session. A Session may also include Sysex and Fader setting files.
  3. Fader module providing control of up to 16 faders assignable to any channel.
  4. a module for controlling the Registered Parameters - Master Transpose, Master Tuning and Pitch Bend
  5. a module for controlling the Channel Controllers - All Notes Off, Reset All Controllers, All Sounds Off, Local Keyboard and Omni/Mono/Poly modes.

The Session player allows you to play up to 16 songs in a single session. Various cueing options including a song repeat allow for flexible control of the whole session.




The MIDI3c Faders module offering control of up to 16 MIDI controllers.

Can be used for real-time control and/or saved as pre-defined settings for use in a Session.


The Channel Controllers module with push-button control of key Channel Controllers.

Channel inter-locking allows control of more than one channel at a time.


The Registered Parameters module with its slider controls.

Real-time control of the Registered Parameters with Channel inter-locking.




Read the MIDI3c Manual for full details

* MIDI3c requires that MIDI files be converted in to a more useable format. File conversion is built-in to MIDI3c and also supplied as a DOS software program.

MIDI3c Datasheet

MIDI3c Technical Specification

MIDI Player Plays Format 0 and Format 1 MIDI files (both after conversion to MIDI3c format).
Maximum of 50 files.
GM, GS and XG compliant.
Session Player Up to 16 tunes per session.
Maximum of 50 sessions.
Cue modes:- Keyboard, Delay (1-10 seconds) or Sequential
Repeat:- Repeat any tune up to 9 times
Sysex Module Edit, create and view up to 50 sysex files.
File size limited to 10,000 bytes.
Fader Module 16 programmable sliders. Assignable to any of 16 channels and all 128 MIDI Controllers
RPN Module Push-button control of:- All Notes Off, All Sounds Off, All Controllers Off, Local Keyboard On/Off, Omni/Mono modes 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Channel inter-locking control.
Channel Controller Module Sliders for Master Tuning, Master Transpose and Pitch Bend.
Channel inter-locking control.
Metronome Beats Per Minute:- 20-480.
Time Signatures:- 2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8 and Custom.
Output:- Internal speaker or MIDI using GM Drum Instruments.
Accent:- Enable/Disable emphasis on Down/Off-beats
Hardware Requirements Supplied with a MIDI-IFE Interface Unit providing the following connections to MIDI devices:-
  • MIDI Out
  • RS232 - 38,400 & 57,600 Baud options. DB9 plug fitted
Power Requirements 9V - 15VDC @ 100mA. Fitted with 2.5mm DC socket
Program Size ~129kBytes
Memory Requirements ~150kBytes. Additional space required for converting and de-compressing files
Machines supported Series 3c, Series 3mx. Will run on a Series 3a but cannot play MIDI files

BigCity - Copyright 1992 MTA Download MIDI3c software for free*

* You will require a MIDI-IFF Interface to be able to play MIDI files on your Psion Series 3c or Psion Series 3mx

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