The Hobbit
A mini-ASM



The Hobbit is a single-board synthesiser based on the popular ASM-1.
It takes the salient features of this unit and combines them in to a single-board that incorporates pcb-mounted pots and switches and thus eliminates all wiring.

The pcb design is such that it can be mounted directly on to a full-width 3U panel (available later).

It is also planned to offer the Hobbit in a stand-alone, portable enclosure, complete with a 3-octave Touch Keyboard

Main Features of the Hobbit

  • 2x VCO - pulse and sawtooth outputs. 2x External CV inputs
  • 1x Noise Module
  • 1x Ring Modulator based on the MS 20 design
  • 1x LFO - with bi-colour LED. Rectangle and Triangle outputs
    1x ADSR (assigned to the VCF)
  • 1x ADSR (assigned to the VCA)
  • 1x VCF - State Variable Filter
  • 1x VCA
  • 1x Sample & Hold
  • 1x MIDI-CV
  • Onboard Power Supply - requires a 15VAC - 20VAC power pack
  • Single pcb design incorporates all panel controls providing a no-wire solution (okay, you WILL have to connect 6 wires, 2 for the power supply, 2 for the MIDI-IN and 2 for the audio out) to build a simple analogue synthesiser . Break-out points have been included to allow the Hobbit to be integrated with other conventional analogue systems.
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