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Often the most difficult stage of getting started is deciding on the module selection.
The EuroSerge comprises a large variety of different modules, and probably no one system would ever have every single unit.

Unlike pre-packaged systems, the EuroSerge system is aimed at a wide variety of applications requiring systems of varying sizes and complexity.

The following Doug Lynner EuroSerge configurations are based on his long relationship with the Serge Modular Music System
and the system concepts of its creater, Serge Tcherepnin.

These system configurations build upon his experience as one of the first Serge demonstraters and as the original owner of the Mystery Serge,
the first commercial Serge synthesizer.
These systems also strive to expose the unique value proposition of the Serge, patch programmability.

Supported by his EuroSerge Patch of The week video tutorial series, these configurations are sure to get you up to speed fast on the Serge,
no matter if you are a beginner or experienced user.

The systems have been divided in to three groups:-

Portable Offering the user a Portable quad-out, full featured live rig
Expanding These systems start with a Beginner system that provides the core foundation for your EuroSerge and progressivley expands to a multi-voice patchable system
Others Alternate solutions

Doug Lynner is now presenting a series of Patch Of The Week videos demonstrating the EuroSerge system.
These highly informative videos detail the operation and application of each of the modules
and are the perfect insight to the workings of a Serge Modular system.

Patch Of The Week
Main Topic
The Beginner System - Unpacking
The Beginner System - An overview
ES15 - The Smooth & Stepped Generator
ES79 - Ring Modulator
ES20 - The 1973 VCO
ES07 - The 1973 VCF

A custom system housed in a Studio 700 126HP

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