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The EuroSerge In Action

Let's Go Shopping

Here we see Doug Lynner playing with his EuroSerge at uHausen 2018, a yearly gathering of electronic noise artists at Camp Happy deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Software and hardware synthesizers, including custom and DIY designs abound in this wild afternoon of experimental sound.

Extract from uHausen 2018 [Episode 83] by CATSYNTH.TV

¡Voltage and Verse!
at Adobe Books, 2018

Ruth Weiss in her continuing collaboration Doug Lynner. Together with log percussionist Hal Davis, they performed a set of poetry and music that simultaneously evoked earlier eras and the latest electronic experiments.  Davis’ log drum provided an expressive metronome, undulating between a trot and a gallop.  Lynner’s synthesizer lines filled in the spaces, sometimes with rhythmic appeggios and at other moments with long eerie drones.  The synthesizer timbres and phrases complemented the words in multiple ways, sometimes underpinning the narrative in the manner of a good film score, at other times emphasizing the rhythm of the words and making them into a musical whole.

Extract from Voltage and Verse [Episode 51] by CATSYNTH.TV

Modular synthesizer supergroup (Peter Grenader, Doug Lynner, Shiro Fujioka) performing in Berkeley, CA. Check out Doug's setup of classic and modern Serge synths (left side), Shiro's mix of modern Eurorack (with a lot of Wiard modules), and Peter's massive Plan B system (designed by Peter, including some modules which are one-off creations) mixed with modern Eurorack.

Video from Fourdimensionalsound

Up from Down - Electronic Feedback Explorations


Mercury Circle 07:07


Venus Loop 06:08


Earth Orbit 06:55


Mars Revolution 05:50


Jupiter Circuit 05:16


Saturn Cycle 05:17


Uranus Rotation 05:23


Neptune Pattern 04:08


Pluto Circumgyration 05:07

I was asked to compose/perform a modular synthesizer piece for a 50th-year celebration of the film 2001 a Space Oddessy to take place in Santa Cruz CA. It was a sound representation of astronaut Dave Bowman piloting a shuttle through the Stargate to Jupiter. It was done by controlling feedback through an analog modular synthesizer. It is intended to evoke the nearly out of control energy involved in space flight. These are nine related feedback explorations developed in preparation.

Released August 11, 2018 
Composed/performed by Doug Lynner 
Recorded live in-studio 
Instruments: Elby Designs' EuroSerge

Digital album available through Bandcamp

Doug Lynner playing Mountain Arabesque at uHausen 2016 performed live on Serge Modular Synthesizer, Elby EuroSerge Modular Synthesizer and Cynthia Modular Synthesizer.

Video from Doug Lynner

Custom piece written by Doug Lynner for the EuroSerge.

Rohan Mackinnon records his first video with his DIY EuroSerge.

Watch your ears there's a little clipping here and there.

Video from Rohan Mackinnon

Quote: "Performing every week live on the radio has its own unique demands. I want my 'sound' but I only have a small space on the mixing desk in the control room for an instrument. It leaves no room form the Mystery Serge. It is a great application for my ELBY EuroSerge. In fact, my radio show performances are always done only on the EuroSerge"

Bloop and Quack bring a musical experience designed to adjust all the best setting on your radio. Knobs, wires and silicon working in conjunction with the human id. Listen for ensemble playing and guest performances from a variety of musical backgrounds.


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