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This is a redesigned circuit board for the CGS59 Programmer/Sequencer. Unlike that version, this one has no panel-format specific PCBs. The master PCB still exists, though is somewhat different in structure. The column boards have been replaced with boards that contain 4 stages. Pots and their mix resistors can be mounted on something like the CGS94 Pot Carrier if you want 1" horzontal spacing, or simply panel mounted and hand wired as was traditionally done.

The Programmer/Sequencer is a Serge inpired multi-stage sequencer. Unlike most sequencers, this one makes no use of binary counters. Rather, it uses a set of individual stages, each one directly accessible. As such it could be considered to allow "random access".This module replicates the programmer, but with one major exception - left and right inputs allow it to be sequenced without connection to an external gate source. Any stage can be activated at any time by a direct pulse or button press. Left or right pulses will then step it from that stage. To limit the number of steps in the sequence, the pulse (gate) output of a stage is simply routed to the external pulse input for the first stage of the sequence. Note that the first stage used in a sequence need not be the first stage on the panel. For example it would be possible to have the first few stages used as an "introduction", with the sequence automatically looping to a stage in the middle of the panel once the sequence's first run was completed.

There is also no theoretical limit to the number of stages that can be used. The maximum number of stages is of course chosen prior to building.

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