Power Bus Board
for music synthesizers.

This is a power distribution board for MOTM style connectors now in use on a lot of synthesizer modules, the majority of CGS boards included. It can be built in the standard +/- 15 volt four-pin format, or with the extra two pins for +5V and its extra 0V rail. The board can also, of course, be used with +/-12V rails


power bus

Make sure you get the orientation of the headers correct.
It is intended that power is fed to this board via a header, though if you wish, wires could be soldered to the tracks on the back of the board. There are 10 power connections providing power for 9 modules if one is used as 'power in'.


  • PCB info: 1" x 6" with four 3mm mounting holes 0.15" in from the edges.
  • The board is designed so it may be cut in half.

Parts list

Hardware Kit BOM

This is a guide only. Parts needed will vary with individual constructor's needs.

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