CGS503 - Step-Next-Row

The SNR is a utility module for multi-row sequencers such as our CGS59. While these sequencers have a fixed row output (in the case of the CGS59 there are 3 row ouputs) the SNR allows each row to be sequentially accessed at, typically, the 'start' of a sequence. So, with, as an example, the CGS59-8 which has 3 rows of 8 stepped outputs (3x8), adding the SNR will give the user a single 24-step (1x24) sequencer.

The [STEP] input is usually taken from the [PULSE] output of the 1st step of the sequence and so causes the SNR to select the 'next' row at the start of each sequence repeat. By gating this [STEP] input with an external signal, it is possible to add 'repeats' to each or any of the selected rows.

With the [STEP] input derived from the sequencer itself, the row selection is synchronised to the sequencer pattern itself. You could, of course, derive the [STEP] signal from any other suitable clock source in your system to generate non-synchronised selection of the rows.


Example wiring for a 3 row sequencer (such as the CGS59)

  • PCB info: 1" x 6" with four 3.2mm mounting holes 0.15" in from the edges..

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