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This is an updated version of the V2 Stomp Box Adapter. It can be used as an external input amplifier, a way to use effects pedals with synthesizer signal levels, or as a way to use synthesizer modules with instruments such as electric guitars.

A little on how it works:

Modular synthesizers generally use much higher signal levels than are used in effects pedals, so directly connection the two will create two problems. First, the excessive signal will cause the input of the effects pedal to overload/distort. Second, the output from effects pedal is too weak to drive synthesizer modules without some amplification. To compensate for these problems, the signal from the synthesizer must be dropped to a fraction of what it was, while the output of the effects pedal must be amplified by the same amount to restore it to a level suitable for the synthesizer.

The default CGS360 build uses a ratio of 20 as this encompases the signal levels of many synths. If you know for certain that the ratio is too great, the ratio can be reduced to reduce the amplification of any effects pedal noise. For example, if an effects pedal works on a 1V p-p signal, and a synthesizer has a maximum output of 5V p-p, a ratio of 5 would be adequate. Refer to the Build Guide for details.

Any of the sections can alterantely be used as a simple External Input Amplifier to allow external instruments such as a guitar to be connected to your synth. In this application you would omit the [SEND] circuit of the relevant section.

block diagram

PCB Dimensions: 1" x 6" with 3.2mm fixing points 0.15" from the edges
Power Consumption: +12V @ -12V @

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