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The CGS336 is a pulse divider with integer divisions between 2 and 8. The divider is used to generate interrelated pulses for use in creating poly-rhythms, and unusual sequences. It can also be run at audio frequencies as a sub-oscillator/sub harmonic generator. The output pulse from each division is one clock cycle in length, and the relationship between pulses is fixed. Specifically, the [A/4] output will correspond to every second pulse from the [A/2] output. Likewise, the [A/8] will correspond to every second pulse from the [A/4] output, and the [A/6] will correspond to every second pulse from the [A/3] output. Needless to say, the [A/2] and [A/3] groups are not related to each other, or to the [A/5] or [A/7] outputs. All however share a common external reset, so they can be synchronized. All outputs go high on reset.

Some ideas on how to use this module: Feed a clock signal into the [A] input of the pulse divider. The divided signal is available simultaneously for each output. If running at audio frequencies, feed some of these to a mixer or other signal processing device. If running at low speed, try driving two different sequencers at the same time from different divisions.

Try feeding the [A/8] output into the reset - this will force all to synchronize to a [A/7] count, with the lesser divisions becoming "syncopated"'

The CGS336 does not include the logic section of the CGS36. In builds where you are replacing the CGS36 and do not have an additional 1" slot, the CGS405 Boolean Logic can be stacked on top of the CGS336.

PCB Dimensions: 2" x 6" with 3.2mm fixing points 0.15" from the edges
Power Consumption: +12V @ -12V @

CGS36 - Pulse Divider & Logic


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