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Analog Shift Register

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This module is an analog control voltage shift register, three stages in length. It duplicates the functionality of the Serge ASR, but goes about it in a very different way. It is great for producing "arabesque-like" sequences, trills etc., when used with VCOs. Of course it's use is not limited to VCOs only. Unlike ASRs produced using "bucket brigade" techniques, the CV outputs are constant from the beginning of the cycle to the end - there is no "charge period" in which a brief glide is heard. The CV input/output range of the ASR is approximately +/- 10V.

How to use this module:

Connect the CV input to a voltage source such as a keyboard or sequencer. Connect the three CV outputs to the three modules to be controlled. Connect the clock input to a LFO or other low frequency trigger source. To cascade the unit with others, connect the clock inputs to the same trigger source, and connect the third CV output of the first ASR to the CV input of the second ASR. Unlike the Serge ASR, there is no need to used delayed trigger pulses.

PCB Dimensions: 2" x 6" with 3.2mm fixing points 0.15" from the edges
Power Consumption:
+12V @
-12V @

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